Destiny Video Poker vs. the Competition

Why is Destiny Video Poker your Best Choice out of all of the latest Video Poker Games?

Destiny Video Poker offers the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentages of all of the latest online Video Poker games. The higher the RTP, the more you win and the less that goes to the Casinos! In addition, Destiny Poker is one of only 2 with Free Bonus Games. Let’s compare Destiny Poker to the other new Video Poker games:

GameRTP%Destiny RTP% AdvantageFree Games?# of Bonus Game(s) Trigger Hands?# of different types of Bonus Games?
Destiny Video Poker98.46%Yes5 (4 to an inside Royal Flush, 4 to an outside Royal Flush, 4 to an inside Straight Flush, 4 to an outside Straight Flush and 4 to a standard Flush)2, a 1 in 47 card second chance to select your missing Flush card and a Match 3 Mystery tiles to win Bonus Credits or up to 3 Free Games.  And the Free Games don't require any ante!
Buy the Hand95.42%3.04%No00, The Player can buy up to 3 additional cards at an increasing cost to try and achieve a better hand.
Cash Draw96.95%1.51%No0 ($ signs on dealt cards increase pay table)0
Power Grid Poker95.55%2.91%Yes1 (You must win a Full House to enter the Bonus)1, Circuit Bonus
Deuces Wild Money Play98.00%0.46%No00
Fever Aces95.63%2.83%No1 (3 Aces or more)1, Fever Games (However, the Player must pay for each game!)